Anders, Chicago, 20, brown hair, blue eyes, six feet tall, home schooled, college Senior, taken. I play guitar, bass, drums, piano, and I sing. Alter Bridge. Jeff Buckley. Pokemon was my childhood. Star Wars are my favorite movies. I live and die with the White Sox. I also make over dramatic statements. Resident Full House expert. I'm a member of the Audience. I love FND Films. Pink lemonade is the elixir of life. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.


mean girls came out on april 30th 2004. the 10 year anniversary is this year and april 30th is a wednesday and if the whole world does not wear pink i’m moving to saturn

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New work!
Guitar amplifiers for a possible repeat pattern.

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Yesterday on a Reddit “Ask Me Anything”, Harrison Ford answered the most controversial Star Wars question as if he had never stopped playing the role of Han Solo. 

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